Painted Horseshoe Crabs
Each and every horseshoe crab used in my art is non-living and found washed up on the beaches of south shore Long Island. Usually already cleaned out by the seagulls, I clean, prime and prepare the crab in order to paint my next vision.  After I paint the crab, it is than finished by applying epoxy via a paintbrush. The complete process takes days to create and hours to dry. This makes the crab able to withstand weather and handling and creates a beautiful coat.   

 Horseshoe crabs are magical creatures. I knew they had great medicinal purposes, bleed blue, and are living fossils, but I never guessed they could satisfy my creative needs and look so unique and cool as art . They are truly magnificent creatures and one of the best canvas I have ever used. I have been creating art all of my life in numerous mediums and nothing can compare to bringing a fossil back to life.​
​Limulus polyphemus